Physical Therapy


Massage is a mechanical influence to the skin, the connective tissue(Fascia) and the muscular system with the help of stretch-, draw-, kneading and pressure stimulus. The effect of the massage reaches from the treated part of the body over the entire body, even influencing the mental well-being.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping was developed at the beginning of the 1980's by the Japanese chiropacter Dr. Kenzo Kase. The elastic tape has a skin-like characteristic and it enhances the therapeutic effect of the physica therapy treatments. It was originally developed for humans, but with the proper tape and the right techniques it can also be applied on animals and their fur.


Through the various techniques you can achieve different effects. The effects have in common, that they will lift up the outer layer of the skin and thus create more space in the tissue beneath. This can lead to improvement in blood- and lymphatic flow as well as reduction of pressure.

Therapeutic Treatments

Passive movement is a treatment done by the therapist to the animal. The therapist moves the joints and muscles of the animal and there is no active muscle work for the horse, because the motion is carried out externally by the therapist. While doing so the therapist keeps an eye on pain symptoms, the way the joints and muscles move and on the range of movement. The therapist although pays attention to swelling and edema as well as creaking or grinding noises in the joint.


Active movement is the animals motion under the guidance and directions of the therapist/rider/trainer/owner. While wathching the horse move the therapist is looking for the quantity and quality of the natural movement and with the help of specific exercises trying to improve them

Magnetic blanket and Infrared Therapy


By external disturbances, such as injuries, stress, overwork, or simply by the general aging process the metabolic activity of the body cells decreases or gets disturbed. With the aid of a pulsating magnetic field and / or the infrared light energy is transmitted to the body cells. This can improve the chemical and physical processes within the cells and the body and thus stimulate the metabolism and the general well-beeing.

The magnetic blanket and the infrared ligth are equipped with a control units, with various programs to choose from. Therefore these modalities can be used in multiple intensities for various indications. 

Manual Therapy

With the modality of manual therapy dysfunctions and blockings in the joints of  extremities and the spine are treated and released.

By using special soft manual techniques such as traction, compression and crosslateral gliding, the full range of motion in a joint will be restored.


Jingles are used as a physical stimulation on the pastern region of either the front or hind legs. They can be used to restore full range of motion after an injury, when the length of stride was restricted.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a very slow, gentle and relaxing form of massage with special techniques to improve the flow of the lymphatic fluid. It can be used for chroncially stocked up extremeties or after cases of lymphangitis.

Scar Treatment

Scar tissue is often an unelastic tissue and can cause adhesion's to the tissues surrounding them. In the worst case scar tissue can lead to pain and a restriction in motion. To loosen these adhesions and restrictions, special techniques and massage of the connective tissue and fascia are part of the scar treatment.


This can be done as soon as the wound is completely closed, the strings have been pulled and the crust has fallen off.

Warm and Cold Therapy

Warm therapy is used mainly on chronic conditions, like constant back pain or athritis. It can be applied via hot roll, hot stone, red ligth or a hot water bottle.


Cold therapy is used on acute condtitions most of the time. A tendon injury or bruising can be treated with cold water or ice packs.

Leech Therapy

The healing effect of leeches has long been known. They have been used as a remedy for about 3000 years. With the development of modern medicine in the 19th Century leech therapy was pushed more and more into the background and experienced a comeback in the last 50 years.


While leeches suck the blood of their host animal, they will dilute this blood with their own saliva. This saliva makes it easier for the leech to suck the blood, but it also contains over 200 active ingredients. Not all of them have been fully researched. But some have an analgesic, pain-reducing effect, some are anti-inflammatory and some anti-rheumatic. That is the reason why the host benefits so much  from leech therapy.

Energy Work


Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind and spirit. Not a system of religious beliefs, Reiki is simply a relaxing treatment whereas natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a Reiki practitioner (acting as a conduit) to the body of the recipient. 

Acupressure, Acutaping and Laseracupuncture

Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy that is existing for over 2000 years and is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). With the help of physical (needles, laser, fingers or kinesio-cross-tape) or chemical (moxibustion) stimuli at precise areas of the body, the whole organism can be healed. These precise areas of skin are called acupuncture points, which are located on defined meridians. These meridians run directly beneath the skin, and are symmetrically distributed over the left and right side of the body.