Patients & Testimonials


Sara with Coco, Joe, Hartley, Winston, Lady and Falkor


Katja is a miracle worker! She has been working on the horses at my farm for over 2 years and has made such a notable improvement, it's amazing!


She has been working with one of my lesson horses who is a rescue and has all kinds of problems from having his hock stepped on as a foal, and has made him so sound and happy!


She also has done wonders with my young mare who enjoys kicking her stall wall so much she has sustained numerous self-inflicted injuries from it. All of which Katja has helped heal and keeps her going great!


Katja is so wonderful with the horses and even my elderly pony who runs away from 99% of people in the paddock, nickers and runs to her when he sees her coming.


Sara Carlisle, Lythrum Farm

Barbara and Foxy


Katja is helping my horse get back to riding after an injury that required a lot of stall confinement and a long healing process. She became so tight, she had difficulty moving in the trot and canter. She was not even able to canter to the right. After just one session with Katja she could canter to the right again and continues to improve with each treatment. Katja has lots of great techniques for releasing tension in the horses body. I can tell my horse is totally enjoying her treatments. I am glad I contacted Horse-Wellness. It is making a big difference in getting my horse back in shape. I don't think I would be where I am today without Katja's treatments.


Barbara Danecki

Lynn and Plato


Katja is fabulous with my horse Plato. She has a great way with him, has excellent insights and does a super job. He loves his massages and really loves her. She is conscientious and super to deal with. I recommend her to all the horse people I know who are looking for a therapist.


Lynn Formica

Diana and Romjae


We have had an excellent experience dealing with Katja Bredlau-Morich of Horse-Wellness, as she has been an integral part in the rehab process of Romjae. He had a serious injury that Katja has aided and continues to assist in making this horse sound again. She is always professional, conscientious, communicative and very much a team player with the horses veterinarian, owner and trainer. It has been amazing to be able to watch and feel this horse change and become happy and comfortable in his work. We cannot thank Katja enough for her part in this process and she comes with our highest recommendations


Diana Lyman and Collen O'Connor-Dzik

Jenny and Sunny


In May, my 9-year old Arab took a spill resulting in a severe tear of his peroneus tertius. Fortunately, I had just attended one of Katja's workshops and did not hesitate to call her for assistance. Using kinesiology tape, massage, and magnetic therapy (just to mention a few of her many treatments), Katja managed to shorten Sunny's  recovery period in half the expected time.  Sunny and I are so grateful for Katja's expertise.


Jenny Stieglitz

Clicker Trainer

Lucy with Ella and Dazzle


I am so glad I found Katja. And so are Ella and Dazzle.

Riding my horses after Katja treated them feels like driving a nice smooth Mercedes.


I have a young horse who is growing like a weed. Katja is working on her every 2 weeks and is keeping her sound. I do not know how we would have gotten through all the growing without her.

My other mare has had so many issues and Katja has brought her to a place of soundness and she is so much easier to ride now.

Katja has an amazing gift to see what is stuck and how to release it.


I am so glad I found Horse-Wellness!!!


Lucy Pingree

Conny with HeeBee


When I purchased my horse 6 years ago, I thought I understood his physical issues. It was not until years later that I realized they were really something else and not what the vet had suspected. Some of the old scars were obvious, others injuries only visible after he was clipped. The vet and other professionals told me this is what I have, and I accepted it. I saw a chiropractor twice a week for a few years and started dreading riding knowing this was causing my pain let alone the pain that my horse was feeling.


Then I changed barns, and changed trainers. She did some corrective riding that helped, I bought another saddle and after some time my trainer suggested an equine massage therapist and/or hock and s.i. injections. The massage therapist was very enlightening, but the miracle didn't happen until I found Katja. She used other methods to evaluate him and could point out where he was stuck. It was a diagnosis that made sense to me. After Katja's treatments my horse could move more freely, use his body in a more balanced way. I don't need the chiropractor anymore and my horse is so happy at the walk, trot and canter!


Thank you, Katja!!!


Connie Hellwig