About me


My name is Katja Bredlau-Morich and according to my parents my life-long passion for horses began when I was very young. They tell me that “horse” was one of the first words I could say after “mom” and  “dad”. I started taking riding lessons when I was ten, had horse leases for years and got my first horse when I was 28.

  • 1972, born in Offenbach, Germany
  • 1992, finished the german Gymnasium with the Abitur
  • 1992-2000, worked as a laboratory technician in a pharmaceutical company
  • 2000-2007 worked as an x-ray technician at a doctors office
  • 2008-2010 stay at home mom
  • 2010-2012 visited the ift- Institut für Tierheilkunde, Viernheim, Germany     ( Institute for animal health care/veterinary medicine), with certification in 2012
  • 2012 certification for Leech Therapy at the Biebertaler Blutegelzucht, Germany
  • 2012 certification for flexible taping for horses at the Maia-Medical Group, Germany
  • 2013 founded Horse-Wellness, LLC in the US
  • 2016 continue working Horse-Wellness in Germany


On-going education in the US:

  • 2014 Kinesiology Taping for Horses with certification by Equi-Tape
  • 2015 Weekend seminar Masterson Method
  • 2015 Animal - Reiki, with certification by Circle of Peace
  • 2015 Equine anatomy with dissection class, The Equine Touch 

On-going education in Germany and Europe:

  • 2016 Equine biomechanics und anatomy with Gillian Higgins (Horses Inside Out), Switzerland
  • 2016 Biomechanics and functionalty of the horses skull and the TMJ at  DIPO, Veterinary Clinic Giessen
  • 2016 Manual therapy with Tanja Richter, Coburg
  • 2017 Hoof - seminar - free ROM through healty hoofs with Peter Baumann, Rodgau
  • 2017 Fascia - therapy for horses with Barbara Welter-Böller, Schneverdingen