Equine Physical Therapy

To bring out the best in your horse

Rehabilitation * Support * Prevention

What is physical therapy?

The word physical therapy is derived from two greek words:

„physio“ which means : nature, natural, regarding the natural processes of life and

“therapeia” which means to serve, the service, the care of the sick.


Together it means: The care of the sick to restore the natural processes of life. Therefore a physical therapist doesn`t diagnose a disease, but treats it. The diagnosis should be made by a veterinarian. The physical therapist starts then starts the treatment.


The physical therapist is treating functionally impaired body parts or their functional processes with the help of stimulant, manipulative or regulatory applications.

Field of Application

The field of application for physiotherapy includes: back- and neck problems, unnatural head and tail position, joint blockage, tendon, ligament or muscle injury, muscle atrophy and muscle building, teeth problems, wound and scar tissue as well as vague lameness.

Aim of physical therapy

  • restoration, preservation and promotion of health
  • reduction of and freedom from pain
  • return to prior level of performance, improve level of performance
  • prevention of further complications
  • elimination of compensatory problems due to times of immobilization (Stall rest)
  • make the horse the best it can be