Equi-Tape® Advantage Pack*



Equi-Tape® - THE Elastic Kinesiology Athletic Training Tape especially designed for Horses                



Horses, Dogs & Cows


95% cotton, 5% spandex, acrylic adhesive, non-medicated, latex free – All weather tape for

all seasons.

Application range:

Pain, motion restrictions, circulatory disorders, scars, arthritis, fascia restrictions, back- and

SI-problems, cramps and spasms, trigger points, hematoma, lymphangitis, support of

tendons, ligaments and joints, tendon tears and injuries, aftercare after riding and shows,

prevention, rehabilitation.

*Equi-Tape® Advantage especially for temperature adaptability, humidity and long fur.


Skin infections, fungus, open wounds, pregnancy, colic, maligne processes


Each Roll, 5 cm wide and 5 m long


Pack 1 (2x black, 2x light blue, 2x yellow) - Pack 2 (2x green, 2x red, 2x dark blue) -

Pack 3 (one of each: black, light blue, yellow, green, red, dark blue) - Pack 4 (2x black, 2x green, 2x darkblue) Pack 5 (2x black, 2x light blue, 2x darkblue)


6 Rolls


Additional information:

Use as part of veterinary care or animal physical therapy

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kinesiology tape

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